Friday, December 30, 2005

Brides NEED Wedding Day Video!

Literally thousands of brides every year say they regret not including video in their wedding planning. Now, it's too late.
According to many members of the professional wedding and event video production community this reaction has been their collective experience when talking with these brides.
''Our company is always marketing through direct mail, client referral programs, participating in area bridal fairs and other events,'' says Mary Ann Osness of CorElAnn Productions in Southern California. ''We get to speak with many newly wedded brides as a result and the vast majority of them tell us they regret not having a video of their wedding day.''
Osness says that a good number among this group admit they got portions of their wedding day on video, taken by friends or family.
''They will tell me it's a good thing to have some of their wedding videotaped, but that often the things they wanted to see the most were not recorded, or that they could not hear the vows, readers or other special commentary due to bad audio,'' says Osness.
Osness says her experience isn't unique. She says many of her associates in the professional wedding and event video production community have similar experiences.
Osness points out that such experiences can be viewed first hand on the many wedding web sites available.
''I read post after post on wedding web sites where brides say how disappointed they are now that their day is over and they have no video,'' says Osness. ''These brides are the very ones who, posting before their wedding, strongly advocated the lack of need for video.''
On posts prior to their wedding day, according to Osness, these brides claim photography is enough.
''A bride told me recently that she loved her photographs, wouldn't give them up at any price,'' says Osness, ''but she added that, now that it's too late, she would gladly spend the same or more to have had a wedding video.''
Osness says this is just one example, but the story is universal. She says that brides often mention not having actual live representation of their wedding day, expressing regrets.
''The professional photography community is a strong, solid, well-represented service provider group in the wedding industry,'' says Osness. ''They are aggressive, adding instant services, musical montage creations, even creations with narrative, and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images for their clients.
''They continue to provide the trophy enlargements hanging in foyers, over fireplaces and in other prime home display areas,'' Osness says. ''But as important and valid as this service is it remains essentially a silent, two-dimensional outline of the event.''
Video is warm, says Osness. She says it has ''life'' and contains elements that enhance and compliment photographs.
''It is essential that photography and video are taken together,'' says Osness. ''Emotionally, they complete the memory. A photograph offers reflection, the video offers reality - that's what many people are into these days,reality, right?''
Osness says her primary frustration, one she shares with her many associates, is finding a way to get brides to realize and address the need for video before they realize and regret the absence of it.
''Yes, there are thousands of us who produce professional wedding and event video product,'' says Osness. ''We do have a personal interest in this. But so does the bride. When so many of them tell us how they wish they had realized the importance of video and are now sorry they didn't, that's saying we as professionals somehow need to reach them.''
Osness notes that a search on the web will reward every bride, regardless of budget size or limitations, with quality video at a price that works for them.
She says the vitality of video will reward the bride, her friends and family with a lifetime of living memories.
''People often think the memory alone will sustain them,'' Osness concludes. ''But there are so many instances caught on video of which celebrants have no memory because they didn't even know it occurred.''