Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Wedding Video Registry

NOTE: Since writing this entry the Wedding Video Registry has been temporarily discontinued.

This is the most exciting development yet in a qualified and viable resource for obtaining professional wedding video production at little or no cost to you! This program offers you a way to experience virtually "ZERO!" impact on your already difficult to manage wedding budget while getting a professional video production of your wedding day events far beyond what you thought possible!
Now you don't have to depend on a friend, associate or family member with a video camera to videotape your wedding. They deserve to be a part of the celebration, not a working stiff! And, the pressure of providing some degree of quality with less than professional equipment can often result in headaches, heartaches and hassles - a lot of hurt feelings on both sides of the camera.
Now you don't have to "settle" on a low budget video production company/individual with low experience and mediocre equipment. Sure, there are many "newbies" out there just getting into the business and willing to make you a deal! But, if they are not prepared for contingencies, if they are not backed up with redundant equipment and prepared for those inevitable emergencies, equipment failures, that can arise, it might not be such a bargain after all.
Granted, there are some inexpensive video producers available who do some pretty darn good work for the price, charging anywhere from $800 to $1,000 for a two camera production - well, that's two cameras and one operator, and one camera at your reception.
The Wedding Video Registry professionals ALWAYS provide TWO cameras AND TWO operators at both your ceremony AND your reception! You get limited preceremony coverage, as well as creative coverage of your on site formal photo session, representation of your attending guests before and after the ceremony, the cocktail hour before your reception gets under way, six hours coverage, up to 40 hours of digital editing...
...and EVERYONE who participates in The Wedding Video Registry will get a complete and professionally edited DVD of your wedding day video production.
How can this be?
Simple! Add The Wedding Video Registry to your gift registry listing and notification!
You are probably already familiar with the web and local retail store gift registries. You have likely established a gift registry already. It is helpful for those who need/want to know what you need/want, cuts down on duplicate gifts, helps individuals work together to get you more expensive items an individual normally might not be able to afford.
The Wedding Video Registry works the same way, as a cooperative effort among your family, friends and associates where, based on the number of guests/invitations/announcements you send, and they participate, they are simply purchasing a copy of your professionally videotaped, edited and produced wedding day DVD video. One hundred participants would pay only $18 each, 150 guests, $12 each. More participants could make the individual orders less, or keep the price at $12 to $20 and use the extra to obtain one or more of the many available creative options from The Wedding Video Registry professional video producers.
There's another option in the event you do not have enough guests or participants. Just 50 participants would cut your costs in half. You would budget and pay, out of pocket, just $900 for a production that would cost you three or more times that! And, everyone of those 50 participants will receive a copy of your professionally produced wedding day DVD!
Their participation in The Wedding Video Registry is truly the gift that keeps on giving! The Wedding Video Registry is not intended to replace or eliminate regular gift registry participation. Its purpose is to provide an alternative gift suggestion for those who want to give something more, something unique! Their participation will not only assure the creation of a memorable, meaningful future family heirloom, it is a gift they give that actually GIVES BACK! And it is affordable enough that your video can be in addition to their regular gift presentation from your gift registry suggestions.
Believe me this is a gift that will "be there" probably far longer than any other gift you might receive. Another bonus is that you now have protection against the loss of your wedding day DVD video. With so many exact digital copies of your video available there will always be a resource for replacement in the event yours, or a guest's, copy is lost, damaged or somehow destroyed!
Is this a bit gauche? Well, tell me, do people in general perceive the ongoing tradition of retail gift registries gauche? No! The Wedding Video Registry IS a gift registry! One that is not only reasonably priced, affordable instead of, or in addition to a more traditional gift, but returns its value to the giver who actually will get something for her money!
That's not their intent, but that is still what will happen!
Every participant in The Wedding Video Registry receives a professionally produced digital copy of your soon-to-be heirloom wedding day video! Each and every participant will be named in a special segment at the end of your traditional video production. Each will have the satisfaction of giving you a truly unique and personal gift and, something we all appreciate, being recognized for being so thoughtful.
Complete details regarding The Wedding Video Registry are available at www.weddingvideoregistry.com. You will love the special quality of your professionally produced wedding day video and the knowledge that a lot of people put a lot of love into making it possible.