Monday, May 21, 2012

Seven Ways to Make Money with Video!

The first of three planned volumes, each with a minimum of 7 ideas on how to make money with video, is available at Lulu for download in either ePub, PDF or print. The new publication is part of an ongoing series on marketing and producing video and opportunities in video business for all enthusiasts, from hobbyist to amateur, part-time to full-time professional.

“Seven Ways to Make Money with Video” Book I, offers a closer look into and plenty of information about things the Independent Professional Video Services Provider can do to make money, add to the business bottom line or support a hobby or pastime with funds for new equipment and expenses.

Available in print, “Seven Ways to Make Money with Video” is the fourth in a series of publications focused on opportunities in the video production world that aren’t totally saturated with competition. The publication is also instantly available in downloadable PDF as well as ePUB versions, offering full-color production. Graphics and photos in the print version are in black and white to keep the price low.

Also available in print is the recently released, “Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide” an extensive video production resource book with more than 300 pages jammed with everything a video producer needs to know to take advantage of a seriously overlooked service. Many in the professional video services community WILL accept and produce photo montages but reluctantly and usually with fewer options and higher prices, plus restrictions on the number of photos allowed and production length.

Michigan professional video producer Artis White gives “Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages” a 5-star rating. He said this about the book: “This is a GREAT book! Well written and easy to follow.” The book, he says, “ HUGE, by the way! I have worked WAY too hard on photo montages in the past. I got my hands on the best reference manual I can find ... ‘Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide’”

“They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” the complete guide to marketing and producing funeral videos and memorials has received numerous 5-star ratings and top reviews from professionals in the video industry. This extensive look into an area of the video production industry that RARELY EVER gets the attention of video producers, professional or amateur, is available in PRINT and upon request and confirmation of purchase, buyers also receive a DVD/CD resource set directly from the author.

Those interested in the publication only can save money by purchasing the downloadable ePUB file. DVD/CD resource set not included but the disks can be ordered separately, however.

“They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” A Complete Guide to Funeral Video Marketing & Production has received FIVE 5-star ratings by reviewers who had nice things to say about a BOOK THEY PURCHASED!

“As someone who reads a wealth of technical and how-to manuals, I must say this has to be the most complete and comprehensive guide I’ve every come across. Such an easy read ... If you are already doing video productions, this book is overflowing with absolutely everything you need (to know) to add funeral and memorial video.”
— Michael Wright

“If you want to start working in the field of funeral services it (“They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They”) has all the information that you need to get started. This book is well worth your investment.”
— Charles Shultz

“This book ... is chock full of tips, real life stories from the author’s experiences, suggestions on marketing, pricing, professional conduct and more. It’s a well-done and thorough book written to mentor the video professional looking to learn more about this area of production. I highly recommend this book!”
— Pamela Dahlgren

Yet ANOTHER business opportunity offered at Lulu is “Video StoryTellers!™ Productions” a complete branding, marketing and business plan/program offering the established professional videographer or someone looking for a unique business opportunity with POWERFUL POTENTIAL for new and exciting business opportunities.

This is particularly appealing to video enthusiasts who LOVE PEOPLE and enjoy helping them tell, preserve and share their unique and often poignant, or funny, or sad or happy stories. These stories, all too often, get lost as the older generations pass on without their powerful human interest stories, experiences and memories being preserved for posterity.

For a very reasonable investment, the Independent Professional Video Services Provider can become an associate for this globally focused business program. See the website at Video StoryTellers!

TWO THINGS to remember: “If you market, you will make it!” © Earl Chessher, and GREAT ideas won’t work unless YOU DO!