Friday, January 03, 2014

Wow! I've been so busy writing for Videomaker magazine, working on personal fiction and non-fiction articles, stories and novels, producing a boatload of video, especially memorial montages and funeral videos, that I totally dropped the ball for this blog in 2013.

I hope to do better for 2014, but for now I'll start off with some shameless self-promotion...actually, a plug from Videomaker managing editor Jennifer O'Rourke, who just recently posted a fine review on her Videomaker blog about the video business resource books I've published.

Thanks, Jennifer, much appreciated.

There's a bounty of information at the Videomaker Forums and in Videomaker magazine's monthly print publication as well as the online magazine and blog. Meanwhile, I'm working on that publication of all the information included in E.C. Come, E.C. Go, all updated. This blog will eventually go through a metamorphosis of sorts, turning into a highlights, with short-and-sweet articles and guest columns focusing on what's happening in the video production universe.

Oh, and there may be a name change.

An awesome and bountiful 2014 for all of you! Sorry I let you down last year. I'll try to do better.