Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some video producers care

We are many, and most of us in the professional independent wedding & event video service provider community care very much about how you are treated, how your video production preferences are met, and how we can provide you, the bride and groom, with exactly the approach, price and quality you deserve in a video that will become a cherished and valued family heirloom.
Great independent video producers are GREAT listeners. They pay strict attention to your questions and concerns, and they offer without hesitation the answers you are looking for. There are an abundance of styles and deliveries available to the discerning bride and groom when it comes to exploring the possibilities. While a bit of time is necessary to interview, confirm and follow up on potential video service providers, the investment can be well made.
Product, personality and price are viable elements in the interview process. Brides and grooms making the effort to explore each facet of this in deciding on a personal professional producer will gain much in return. A professional producer will have on hand suitable quality samples of her work, will prove herself flexible, friendly and caring, and will offer much more for your investment than dollars and cents.
She will provide not only the elements, from experience to technical knowledge, equipment redundancy and emergency human resources, necessary to get the job done, but will herself be personally invested in assuring and ensuring your production reflects the day as it was. She will also provide you with the artist's eye, making available to you, depending on your special preferences, creative components that will further enhance the memories of your wedding day.
She sees the interaction, the poignant moments, the little, and big, things that occur during your event - those times when you are so much a central part of the event that you never would have noticed, were it not for her watchful eye. She is rewarded personally, artistically and financially for not being a part of your celebration, but being a dedicated and focused professional observer of the moments and capturing them on your behalf.
Many in our business talk the talk, and can impress with technical soundbites, but few can show the empathy unless it exists. A professional independent video services provider can be proud of his or her equipment, knowledge, experience and abilities, but the real value is in finding one who also truly cares.