Sunday, April 02, 2006

Letter to Brides

Dear bride:
If you have not kept one bit of home movie memories, saved one single blockbuster movie DVD for your personal collection, recorded every episode of ''Friends'' on TV, or collected any footage on video of one birthday party, graduation party or trip to the beach, mountains or Paris...
...then PLEASE! Do NOT read further.
Oh, you HAVE done one or more of the above? Then I'm sure you plan to have your upcoming wedding professionally produced on video to preserve the atmosphere, sights and sounds of the day.
And, therefore you do not need to read further.
Years from now, when you cannot remember who was there, what they said, how well you used to dance, you are one of those rare people who were smart enough to save those memories to visit again and again.
Right? So, you do not have to read any further.
And if you were so inclined to NOT collect old movies, new movies, old or new television shows, any home movies your parents might have made, or home videos of celebrations from childhood to college graduation, you would NOT have read this far and changed your mind about the possible value of keeping a professionally produced video of your wedding day.
You would not come to the conclusion that having a video now, to preserve today for the future, might be a great value after all.
Professional wedding and event video producers. Look us up, we're easy to find.

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