Thursday, June 10, 2010

Business Opportunity Update!

As of today, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 this is the final notice to anyone who may be interested in participating at the ground zero level on this worldwide marketing and video services branding program.

EFFECTIVE August 15, 2010 core associate level assignments will no longer be available for a zero-dollar entry investment. While the next phase of this new business opportunity will require a monetary investment, the minimal amount and huge marketing potential of this program will provide a R.O.I. many times greater.

ANYONE wanting to be considered for "core group associate level" inclusion needs to check the related blog links, study the program, apply and receive/read the available PDF file thoroughly. Ask your questions and join while the bargain is greatest.


Since posting “New Business Opportunity” here on Sunday, May 30, 2010 there are now eight independent video services providers onboard with the program. The presence of Australia, and east and west Canada, along with Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Northern and Southern California has established that this business model has potential.

I am about four shy of having the dozen core group associates I need to ramp up for a huge kick-off of this program. After that it will cost money to get in and share in a brand that is sure to become an international hit among a HUGE target demographic.

Essentially, this update is a “last call” for enterprising video business opportunists who have the potential and vision to create a solid business brand, and want a chance to get in on the core level of a major business opportunity.

Refer to New Business Opportunity to find out more. Then send me that e-mail.

If we market, we will make it! © 2010 Earl Chessher

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