Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Business Opportunity

I need about a dozen video production professionals to participate in what is going to be a HUGE world wide business brand opportunity. I need either professionals seriously looking to expand beyond their current specialized business focus, or newly-established video business people who have invested in equipment and education, and are committed to creating a viable business - expand their knowledge and skills.

I am NOT going to simply divulge my business strategy to anyone who casually responds. This branding, service and product concept is FAR too big, and way too solid to simply give away the farm. But for up to a dozen people who are willing to invest time and energy, support and promotion for making a huge potential prove out, I WILL be virtually giving away the farm.

I'm NOT looking for casual inquiries. I'm NOT looking for folks who want to rip off an idea.

I AM looking for honest, professional, personable and energetic enthusiasts who are driven to develop their current business and expand into a broader, brand-recognized, scope. Those who qualify WILL find a unique opportunity to expand their market and their exposure, reaching a demographic that in the U.S. alone will reach 100 million by 2029. On a world wide scale that figure will increase ten-fold.

If every independent video producer in business today, and every new independent professional video services provider who starts a business in 2010, came on board with this brand, service and product TODAY we could not collectively reach market saturation.

E-mail me at and tell me WHY you MIGHT be intrigued or interested, why you were compelled to reply, what your general business goals are, why you want to diversify and not specialize, where you are, how long you've been in business, or if you have just invested and hung your shingle, and your video business URL.

If you compel me to respond, I will. And if you qualify for inclusion in this ground-floor opportunity you WILL be glad you agreed to participate. This is going to be HUGE for us all.

Upon fulfillment of the "chosen few" participation in this program will cost money, but still at an incredible entry-level investment that stands to boost your image AND your business beyond anything you can imagine.

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