Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide

Advance publishing sales orders direct to the author are now being accepted for “Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide” soon to be available for direct order from Lulu Dot Com.

This new book, companion to previously published, “They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They: Complete Guide to Funeral Video Production & Marketing” has been uploaded to Lulu and is currently being processed.

Orders direct to Lulu can expect fulfillment within the next three weeks. Meanwhile, anyone wanting to save a few bucks and willing to give sales an early push may do so by contacting me directly at echessher at hotmail dot com. You’ll save $30 off the $79.95 retail price, plus shipping, of course. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Advance orders should ship within 3 weeks, followed by the support resource DVD & CD (currently in production) within two-to-three weeks after your book order ships.

This new book has more than 300 pages chock full of information—everything you need to know! It truly is THE COMPLETE GUIDE to starting, or adding to your current video business operation, a photo-video montage production business—from what equipment you need, to how to market, produce and deliver photo montage videos. It is crammed solid with everything a new videographer, established professional or hobbyist or video enthusiast needs to know to make money in photo montage video production.

Don’t put off a way to save yourself money on a book that should be valued at twice the retail price! E-mail me today at echessher at hotmail dot com and order your advance publication edition for only $49.95 plus $6 S&H. When they’re ready to ship, the resource CD and DVD will go out to all advance, direct-sale, orders on my dime!

Put the information in this book to work for you and your first montage production will more than double the pre-publication sale price!

Also, anyone who purchases this book at the special pre-publication advance sale price can add “They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” for the low price of $79.95. These items at these prices are NOT available through Lulu. You MUST order directly from Earl Chessher. Keep in mind that, aside from some additional S&H costs, you’re getting BOTH books for a nickel less than the LULU price of “They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” and even if you DON’T want or need the excellent (GREAT reviews and 5-star ratings from buyers/readers) funeral marketing and production book it will make a GREAT GIFT to give to any friend who is a video enthusiast!

Order today and save! ANY person who takes advantage of this special offer can SWEETEN the deal even further! How? Let ALL your video friends—in the business, hobbyists, enthusiasts or simply the curious—know about this book. For every order received where your referral vouches your name, you will receive “The Complete Guide to Website & Website Video Marketing & Production” or “The Guide to Basic Wedding Video Marketing & Production” or “The Book of Blogs” at HALF the pre-publication sales price! The final series of three in this 5-part series are expected to be available before the end of 2012!


Remember: If you market, you will make it! © Earl Chessher


CorElAnn said...

Art White writes on Mar 30, 2012, giving this a 5-star rating at Lulu dot com.
"This is a great book! Well written and easy to follow. What makes the book so good is that it truly is a GUIDE. It doesn't matter if you have never made a photo to video montage or if you are like me and make them for a living, you are going to get something out of this book. Earl Chesser is not bashful. He's not afraid to tell you what works and what doesn't because he has been doing these things for a long time. If you haven't done a montage before, you will follow right along. If you have, you will find a bunch of things to make your life easier! I didn't read the whole book...didn't have to. (It's HUGE by the way!) Earl describes his chapters perfectly so you can pick and choose if you like. You can start anywhere in the book and you won't get lost. The only flaw in this book is he should have written it years earlier. Then, I would not have purchased some of my unnecessary equipment; just the basics is all you need as Earl Chesser lists in the book. I have worked WAY too hard on photo montages in the past. I got my hands on the best reference manual I could find...Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide."

CorElAnn said...

Thanks, Art. Sure appreciate the nod. And thanks to Kathy A. O'Neal-Ritondo for her comments on Facebook, and for placing a link at you guys are the greatest!