Saturday, October 09, 2010

Video StoryTellers!™ Gains Exposure

Video StoryTellers!™ (VST) will be the main focus and thrust of my video business for the remainder of this year and beyond. Why? Because this global program is going to become one of the most popular video services in the world, surpassing even youth sports and wedding events. And, it is going to MAKE ME MONEY!

While I’m conducting a major thrust with this program, brand and marketing now, I anticipate that this will develop into a significant portion of my 2011-2012 business strategies. I expect to be too busy producing people's stories on DVD to do much of anything else!

Based on the very real fact that everybody has a story, I’ve moved full-throttle into a major direct-mail campaign, guerrilla marketing strategy and business promotion program for VST during the remainder of this year that stands to generate $300 to $500 a day, building toward an unimaginable figure over the next couple of years. All I have to do is work the program.

While I maintain a solid business market with event and Celebrations of Life! videos ranging from memorial and photo/music montages and projection, to funeral videotaping and production, youth events, dance recitals and school performance video, I plan to continue an aggressive campaign with VST.

Some have joined me in this venture and others will come onboard during the next quarter 2010 due to the special 50% savings being offered through December 31, 2010. With the momentum that is continuing to build, still others will gladly invest over the next two years to become a part of this valuable worldwide branded service.

Thanks to the ongoing inspirations shared by VST associates Heidi Mueller of H Mueller Design, Canada; Jim Nicholson of Nicholson Video Productions, Pennsylvania; Bill Mecca of Mecca Video Productions, New Jersey; Luis O. Maymi of Xeneuxe, Puerto Rico; Chris and Val Harding of Softweigh, Australia; J. Michael Long of JML Multimedia, Mississippi; and a host of others, Video StoryTellers!™ has developed, grown and evolved into a significant brand representing professionals who offer an affordable approach to the sharing and preservation of personal stories and memories.

Next to come will be news and magazine articles, a unique website (under construction at featuring private and public forums, blogging and live chat for associates and the many storytellers who will be seeking our services around the globe. Development of marketing strategies and materials, news releases, articles and more will be ongoing.

For more information check out the related articles on this blog, send me an e-mail or call using the information on the VST site linked at the beginning of this article.

Remember: “If you market, you will make it!” © Earl Chessher


Julie said...

Is there a minimum level of equipment you would need to participate?

CorElAnn said...

Yes Julie, but it is totally possible for a person wanting to get started to do so. Money can be a challenge for many of us, but anyone wanting to make it happen can find a way via family & friends, personal fundraising efforts or small personal loans.
The equipment needed is a camcorder capable of accepting an external mic; a lapel mic from Radio Shack; basic lighting system and a sturdy tripod.
Costs? Camcorder $650; hardwired lapel mic system $50; light kit $60; tripod $200 for a total of $960. If you have NO computer or available editing system, you're looking at $1,000 to $2,000 with most systems providing basic software necessary to produce the DVD.
So, starting totally from scratch, under $3,000 or much less if you have any of the basic components already.
In my production materials I offer solid proof that the minimum possible first year from working the program on a minimal basis is more than $26,000.