Monday, August 09, 2010

Benefitting Both Sides of the Lens

I’ve carried on a bit over the past few months about a global branding and marketing program that will not only benefit a huge demographic presently not being reached, but will represent a major addition to the bottom line and business operations for independent professional video services providers around the world. That program is Video StoryTellers!™

The Video StoryTellers!™ program is now gearing up for major marketing and a solid awareness campaign supported by several associates serving Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Northern and Southern California, as well as Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico. Thanks to all of you who have had the vision and taken the initiative to help grow Video StoryTellers!™ (sample clip) throughout the planet. Visit the Video StoryTellers!™ associates page and see who is moving ahead with this fantastic business opportunity.

I have independent video services professionals in South Africa, Ghana, England (U.K.), Mexico, Spain and Germany considering participation at this time, as well as Oregon, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana and Arizona in the United States.

Plenty of room remains as the scope of VST is to not only offer and provide support for continents, countries, states and major geographical regions, but to expand services via independent professional video services providers to virtually every city and service area on Earth. That’s a lot of representation, but there’s a LOT of people on this planet with stories to tell, share, preserve and hand down to their future generations.

In the U.S.A. alone there are some 39 million persons over age 60, and that number will increase to 100 million by 2029. The numbers world wide are staggering. If EVERY independent professional video services provider on Earth joined today there would not be enough of us to oversaturate this demographic. Add to that the significant number of others from all age groups and life experiences and you have a whole new scope of outreach. EVERYBODY has a story to tell, to share, and worth preserving.

While there are certainly video producers who offer to videotape and produce stories or documentaries for individuals and families - ranging from tributes and memorials to full-blown complex Ken Burns style collections a MAJOR BRANDED GLOBAL organization of like-minded video producers did not exist until Video StoryTellers!™

The program is based on a very basic concept: That people who enjoy sharing their stories with others often do at their various social events; that VST is and can be an integral, entertaining and important part of ANY social event, or create one of its own with any group of people, anywhere.

The basic program allows for the professional lighting, audio reinforcement and videotaping of stories in an comfortable and/or social environment and their preservation on DVD at an affordable starting price. The program allows for a starting value of $70 per hour for multiple story productions, and a wide range of up-sell, referral, renewable and expanded business opportunities that will greatly increase the base level rate per production or event.

With the visibility and linkage, branding recognition and awareness potential behind VST and its global agents, the program will expand beyond your capacity for imagination.

I appreciate the support, participation and enthusiasm of Jim Nicholson, Heidi Mueller, Chris Harding and his wife, Val, Bill Carnicelli, J. Michael Long, Jennifer Nagel, Luis O. Maymi and Michael Wright in the development and promotion of Video StoryTellers!™ A new associate has joined the ranks, Steve Baty, of Massachusetts. Check these people out, both for acquiring Video StoryTellers!™ services, and for information about opportunities to franchise your own state or country, or a city or service area in a state or country represented here.

I invite and encourage other independent professional video services providers around the world (established or just getting into the business) to visit the website and read about the program, then to drop me an e-mail at either or and request access to the PDF file (link provided below) that has pretty much the entire program clearly spelled out. I am available, of course, to answer any questions or concerns regarding participation in Video StoryTellers!™ so do not hesitate to ask.

VST is a great way for helping people preserve and share their many stories and memories on DVD - affordably. It is important to me because I have a personal interest in this resulting from the loss of my sweet Mom two years ago after her 12-year battle with Alzheimer's Disease and her resulting memory losses. I've always been interested and involved in the preserving and telling of people's stories, both as a veteran journalist and newspaper publisher and a veteran professional video services provider.

VST is the first, and commercially focused, part in an eventual 3-part program that will include outreach and services for Alzheimer’s Disease and Hospice families and victims around the world. More on that soon. Also forthcoming will be a VST forum and blog for public and open/private associate participation.

It bears repeating that this program begins on a small note but its potential is HUGE, leading to new business, referrals, repeat business and renewable business, as well as full-scale documentaries and other “opportunities” along the way in its development. What will make it so powerful is that there will be world wide branding and name recognition for a mutually supported program with a solid base of independent video producers everywhere on the planet.

It also bears repeating that the productions can be as simple or as complex as the individual and producer want to pursue, but with solid branding and recognition established on a basic product and price. If you have not yet visited please take a moment to do so. ONLY THEN, when and if you have read the powerful opportunities such a program can offer, should you take the time and energy to request and read the PDF file. It is FULL of information and is a MUST READ in order to get the gist and scope of VST’s potential. Even then, as have others, you will have questions and need clarification. Do ask. I will respond and answer any questions and/or concerns you might have to the best of my ability.

Remember, EVERYBODY has a story! Many of them more than one, some boring, others exciting, but that first story is a good place to start. Once the idea of telling stories in an “event” or “social” setting is grasped (something all ethnic groups, races, religions and peoples have done through the ages) then the concept will grow easier to promote each day.

I respect and appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you regarding your desire to participate in Video StoryTellers!™.

Remember: If you market, you will make it! © Earl Chessher

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