Monday, August 03, 2009

More Than A Business Card!

Business cards are certainly effective, affordable and convenient. So are brochures and fliers and posting on Twitter and Facebook about your business, services, products and successes.

But sample and demo DVDs are even better, more effective and certainly worth the time, energy and money to put together, keeping a pile of them in clam shell cases so your quality graphics show through, and being prepared at all times to hand them out just as you now do with your business cards. YOU ARE doing this with your business cards, right?

Quality DVD samples have a sustained shelf life, are easily revised in a relatively short time, and the production costs can be kept down by printing and burning them as needed. Those of you who do not have the graphics skills or printing resources can always justify the value in having a company like DiscMakers do 3-color or full-color printing on blanks for a very reasonable rate. You can keep these in stock and burn what you need as you need, knowing the graphics quality will make your demo a standout marketing tool.

Demo dvds are not like business cards, where changes in address, e-mail, web site, location, partners, etc., or those godawful untimely changes in area codes, can cost you as you dump the thousand cards you JUST had printed last week because you HAVE to update information; same for brochures and fliers. The advantage is being able to generate what you need a few at a time as needed, without breaking the bank or trying to find a place to store a thousand or more commercially created disks. Also, you can control the information, the look, the revisions, the distribution and contents without having to worry about commercial production company turnaround times, rules and/or production restrictions, over- or under-run fees, etc.

The BEST thing you can do with your free time this month is to create a broad-range demo featuring any kind of productions you have done, from weddings to graduations and celebratory parties, to birthday, anniversary or retirement and more, burn it to DVD, make a few and keep them handy. Hand them out with the same abandon you distribute your business cards. Though more expensive per handout, chances are you will be in awe of the response levels and the extended shelf life as people receiving them realize and perceive your demo is worth hanging on to or sharing with others.

Plus, demo DVDs do not become wrinkled and crinkled, accidentally washed in the machine, or tossed into wastebaskets as readily.

Demo DVD business cards in clam shell cases with quality graphics and meaningful, chaptered, selective content. Effective! Go for it! Remember: If you market, you will make it! © 2009 Earl Chessher

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