Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Flying Disk Demo DVD

The Flying Sports Disk Demo DVD - guerrilla marketing at its most creative moment.
Over the past two years I have been toying (sometimes literally) with the concept of using a flying sports disk (think Frisbee®) to deliver relative demo DVD content to youth sports and community events. Or at the beach, lake, playground, dog walking trails, bicycle paths and other venues open to the general public. The Flying Disk Demo DVD is it!

I have used prototypes of this product as a unique delivery system for getting my demo DVDs in the hands of people who are likely to want me as their independent professional video services provider. The product has passed the design stages and will soon be moving into production. It is patent pending, trademark applied and copyright 2007-2009 Earl Chessher, CorElAnn Video Productions.
The good news is, it works!

Recently, at a public park where a number of youth soccer, baseball and other sports event groups gather to practice, I have walked the field and tossed a few, handed out a few, and received inquiries and bookings for upcoming youth sports highlights, games and end of season banquet/awards programs.

At an area pre-season swim team competition I tossed out a few, handed off a few more, and have signed up another swim team as a result. The business will generate a season video yearbook and projection services, plus sales of 100 or more units of the final DVD video production.

I tossed around a few at a local dog beach, using a demo that focuses on pet video productions, pet video biographies and pet music montage video productions, and signed on a couple of projects for 2009. When I go out and toss more of these at the local dog beach I will get even more calls. Dogs especially love 'em, of course after their human companion removes the DVD to view.

The presentation is unique, affordable, generates surprise, a higher degree of perceived value, virtually instant business credibility, and calls and inquiries. I have not yet distributed six or so at any given opportunity or event without generating calls, web site visits, contacts and business.

As I said earlier the first batch of The Flying Disk Demo DVD delivery system is moving into the production stages with 1,000 units expected ready to ship within the next six weeks to 90 days. Advance orders will be accepted, but keep in mind that shipment could take up to 90 days until production moves into high gear.

The beauty of this system is you can produce whatever surface graphics you want for your demo DVDs. That is where the message goes. "Play Me!" works very well. The first run will be either bright yellow or bright red - one or the other, final decision has not been made. Other colors may eventually be available as well - white, black and green possibly.

Single orders, up to 99 units, are $10 each, plus shipping. Price breaks will be available for orders of 100 units or more, or perhaps free shipping. I am currently considering as much as a 25 percent price cut for orders over 100 units.

As with any flying sports disk on the market caution is urged in handling them to prevent possible damage or physical injury. Eyes, teeth, the throat and even limbs could sustain injury if any flying sports disk is tossed with force and directly at an unaware individual. Due to the nature of this device, and the possibility of mishandling in its delivery, Earl Chessher, CorElAnn Video Productions, its agents, representatives, owners and designers or manufacturers cannot be held liable for any injury, death, property damage or other litigation or claim resulting from its abuse or mishandling in delivery.

Purchase and use of The Flying Disk Demo DVD delivery system signifies your acceptance of the above liability limitations. No claims or guarantees regarding its use, business generation, profitability or safety are otherwise expressed or implied.

All I can say is The Flying Disk Demo DVD has worked for me, is safe when properly delivered using reasonable precautions, and will definitely attract attention. People receiving The Flying Disk Demo DVD will watch your attached demo. Calls will come if you have content that attracts them, and include a call to action.

E-mail me at if you have further questions.

Happy guerrilla marketing!


Jay Michael said...

One Heck of a great idea! ;-)

Jay Michael said...

How are the flying disc's selling? Great idea!

CorElAnn said...

So far, Jay, I've received orders in hand for 300 units. A lot of inquiries, but nobody going for small lots yet, mostly sports teams and outdoor event coordinators. Figured they would buy more, but guess people have to see how they fly :-)