Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Need More Business?

Even with a downturn in world economics people will continue to invest in memories. What better way than to have special events professionally videotaped? People still celebrate life, and can still be convinced that they will better enjoy a professional quality production over home video. Of course we, as a professional service industry, need to find the sweet spot between price and product for them, as well as us.

And, we need to find the clients.

In their single mindedness wedding video producers, part time or full time, often overlook other options - many of these business options result in a higher level of income on an hourly basis than any wedding video they have ever produced. Yet, for whatever reasons, they continue to pursue only wedding video production business.

Most professional video service providers already know, or are aware of the possibilities. Many, however, simply are not motivated to pursue them. In a series of ongoing posts during the remaining quarter of 2008, I will focus on areas of potential. I will not only tell how to do them, but where to go to find them, bringing more business than you can handle.

This article will simply list a few of them.

1.) Funerals
2.) Memorial montages
3.) Projection services
4.) Video greeting cards
5.) Video-to-DVD transfers
6.) Dance recitals
7.) School plays
8.) Sports events
9.) Paparazzi parties
10.) Pet video biographies
11.) A Day in the Life videos

There are more, but these are enough for now.

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