Monday, February 12, 2007

Who Makes You Comfortable?

Price, product, quality and other pertinent issues aside, when it comes time to pick a professional independent wedding video services provider to produce your wedding, everything boils down to: "Am I comfortable with these people?"

The professional community bats such issues around constantly - which is more important? Price? Product? Marketing? Personality? Something else?

A service provider who comes off comfortable with you, with your questions and concerns, who takes time to listen to what you are saying AND what you are NOT saying; one who knows and shows her business, who walks the walk and can talk the talk, who makes YOU comfortable, will prove an asset for you on your wedding day.

Just as a lot of people who get to know and appreciate the skills and talents of their planner or coordinator know they can pretty much let it go and enjoy their wedding celebration, the same transfer of concern should come about with you and your video producer.

After the research, interview, establishment of the usual business credits, and your follow-up on referrals, trust your instincts. If something about her makes you uncomfortable - whether or not you can put your finger on it - then look some more. If, however, you experience a great overall sense of comfort with her, sign the agreement. Odds are in your favor that you are now in good hands.

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