Friday, December 31, 2004

Special Service for Armed Forces

NOTE: The following has been taken down from its original source. However, after some recent (February 5, 2007) discussion with others in the independent professional wedding and event video production industry it is possible that another resource for this worthwhile program will develop.

A member of the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) recently posted something I thought might be of interest, not only to those in the video production business, but those members of our armed forces, and their families who could benefit from this program.
Get in touch with Perry Hillis,, 706-935-5543, for more information.
Hillis' Operation Bedtime Story ( project offers one free DVD or VHS video of anyone actively serving in the military reading stories to the camera. This, says Hillis, will allow their families to have something to remember them by when they cannot be present.
Hillis, and participating video producers across the country, are providing this service free of charge as a way "to show support for our troops," says Hillis. "I know if I had to be away from my family, with the possibility of not returning home alive, I would appreciate something like this."
The product is created by connecting the video camera to a DVD or VHS recorder and burning the video in real time as the participant is reading from a book, diary, journal, or other reading resource. There is no editing involved as the project is based on reality, not creativity. "They will leave with their video in hand," says Hillis.
Hillis, limited to doing this in the Chattanooga, TN area, has posted on the WEVA members forum web site, offering other members the opportunity to extend this project into their service areas. If there is enough response and interest from both people in the service and video producers across the country, "I will buy a domain name so that people can find a local videographer to read to," Hillis concluded.

Perry Hillis

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